About US - A Brief Introduction

KambubuAdventistSecondary Schoolis situated 75 km south of Rabaul with a longitude of 152.45o and a latitude of 4.7o. It is a school by the sea and has an area of 1400 hectares.

 The nameKambubuAdventistHigh Schoolwas adopted when the school changed its status from being a workers training institution known asJonesMissionaryCollegeto high school offering grades 7 to 10 instructional programs. In 1969KambubuAdventistHigh Schoolgraduated its first grade 10 students and has since have been feeder school forSonomaAdventistCollege. It also became feeder school toKabiufaAdventistSecondary schoolwhen Kabiufa enrolled its first grade 11 students in 1979.

When faced with faced with the Kabiufa crisis in 1997, Kambubu accepted the challenge to take on the Kabiufa’s 1997 grade 10, 11 and 12 students to complete their education. Although the exercise was costly, it forced the school to upgrade its facilities and broadened its academic programs to accommodate and implement grades 11 and 12 programs. In 1998 it enrolled its first grade 11 students and graduated its first grade 12 students in 1999. It continues to be a feeder school forSonomaAdventistCollege, and because of its grade 12 program it now is also a feeder school forPacificAdventistUniversity, however, students can chose to go to other universities in the country.

KambubuAdventistSecondary Schoolcontinues to promote the Seventh-day Adventist educational philosophy and mission statement and in partnership with the National Education Department of Papua New Guinea the school teaches the approved national curriculum.

From its humble beginning in 1939, Kambubu Adventist Secondary continues to train young people not only for the church’s workforce but also for the larger community. It can be proudly stated that many of its graduates are now serving in various capacities in the public service and private organizations.


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